Non Binary, Queer & Pagan Owned Cosmetics (From Kansas to California)
"My name is Kyle. I’ve been a practicing pagan for 10 years with an emphasis on all things occult. I developed an interest in makeup at a very young age and have existed outside of the gender binary even longer. It is my intention to share what I know with the world so that everyone can see that magick is real. "
Witchcraft isn't a trend..
It's a diverse and ancient religion with more ways to practice it than there are names for it. There's a lot of crossover between the world of makeup chemistry and witchcraft. Concoctions, intentions, glamour. The allure of alchemy. Occult Cosmetics is witch owned. So many brands want to wear the facade of the craft, but we live it. We want to take this opportunity to create something truly unique in the beauty world, spell crafted and infused cosmetics and lead the way for the curious with education about the occult.